This is a page of progress and group info

Group 18:

- Fredrik
- Linus
- Ludde
- Erik

Official launch of the website.

This is the website for our project in the course 'Electonical Publishing' at Norrköping University in Sweden. The main goal is to create a responsive, nice looking website that will host a database with some functionality.

We re-built and re-designed the entire website and based it on CSS grids, for a more responsive website.

November 29th 2017

Signed up our group for the project throgh website and email. We are a group of 4 people, names at the top.

November 30th 2017

Color coordinated the website. We chose a light red color.

December 2nd 2017

Added break lines. Changed font. Changed back background colors to white. Added "objects found" in the database results.

Added a 1000 object limit to "Show all" button.

December 3rd 2017

Query Strings

Added links to sets in database. Using query strings to load the correct set on a new page, as well as the title. Decided it would be too much on one page with everything. Then a problem occured where the query string was reset when searching in a set. Found a workaround using cookies to save the query string.

Had some problems with not being able to use cookies on first load of the page (needed a reload to work - that's just how cookies work). Found a workaround.

Made the entire row of sets clickable instead of just the text, with the correct cursor aswell.

December 8th 2017

Image Problems

Added images to parts in sets.
The ImageIDs are not matching up with the images on the website though. /P containes all images but the ItemID is not correct. Need to ask for another database.
Made Search work inside parts. And showing total amounts of parts in a set in the title.

Looked into Swedish copyright law.

December 9th 2017

Edit: After a lot of learning about SQL and some quite important info i realised that some sets from 'sets' does not contain any parts. This is what caused all issues with the images. I am linking the images in a weird was now, from the images table. But that is something that i will have to change later. Everything is working as expected.

December 18th 2017

Meeting and future priorities and prosess

Changed search icon to coffee cup. Went through the webside looking for things to improve.

- Less padding
- Sort by pressing table titles
- Website title and logo
- 'Go to top' icon
- "No Result" if no rows in table
- Cookie alert
- Limit 100 everywhere
- Compiling navbar into one css file (Header)
- Sorting via table titles
- Make it work in safari
- Autoselect search field
- No css in html
- Special characrets in search
- Small screen fix
- "This set was updated" and the correct year
- Change to SetID sort
- Go to next page in table list
- Include header.php in every document

December 11th 2017

Autofocus on the searchfield
Compiling css code into separate files
Pressing a lego piece brings up more info

A cookie popup for the website - taken from a third party. Remebmer to disclose this in the report. December 14th 2017


Entire project was accedentally overwritten but was luckely restored thanks to Crystone daily backup.

Pressing a lego piece brings up more info acctually works now. Planning on including all sets for which the part is present in.

December 15th 2017

Added a loading screen. This loads once every 4min with the help of cookies and a clever if statement.

Added color to the title in index

Added fades with css anomations to the searchbar. This was a conscious decition based on the belief that the user will focus there, as intended. This also replaces the autofocus on the searchbar.

December 16th 2017

Playing around with the idea of sorting via the table headings. Example in Uppgift 6

December 17th 2017

New Design!

Making a new design for the website. This includes:

- Looking into usability and easiness of the website. What the user actually focuses on when using the website.
- New nice titles and shadows.
- Moving lines and nice icons.
- Simpler design.
- Everything still links properly to the old site.

Thinking i might remove the intro screen for the last index site, that became a bit annoying, even though it was a nice experiment.

Implemented the sorting in titles proparly for the Setname collumn.

Found out that some sets does not have parts in them, and the sets are therefore not mentioned in the inventory table. This was very annoying since i though that some sets were missing from the entire inventory table. This caused a lot of problems with printing out parts in a set since i took big leaps around what i thought was the problem.

December 18th-23rd 2017

Continuing on the new design and more pages

- New cool titles
- Made everything work as expected
- Included partsearch and made everything more efficient
- Still need to to the part specific page
- Better design for smaller screens
- Included "No result" fallbacks everywhere
- Improved the design of the blog
- Made the nav-bar sticky
- Removed color from table body
- Added 'You searched for' subtitle
- Nav-bar icons now have a faint white glow
- Asked for input by relatives and made changes acordingly

Thinking if the blog should be its own database to i don't have to go and to a post by writing in code

December 24rd 2017

Included a funny christmas joke on the startpage.

December 25th 2017